Toddlers & Young Children

Toddlers playingParents bring their children to us for assessment, diagnosis, and follow-up treatment. We offer psychological testing to determine developmental and intellectual functioning as well as assessment for Autism, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and learning problems. Parents often struggle with their children’s temper tantrums, sleeping problems, or toileting and eating issues. We assist parents in learning parenting strategies and behavior management techniques that help them gain control and feel confident in their parenting abilities. Our therapists are also skilled in working with children who have experienced abuse or other trauma. Adoption issues and Reactive Attachment Disorder is another area of expertise and helping families navigate the difficult road of helping children to heal. We are known for our skill in working with complex children who have a host of issues including genetic disorders, developmental delays, Autism, and severe behavioral issues. Several of our therapists are crossed trained as behaviorists so are particularly skilled in behavior management and handle issues from setting up home behavior management plans to dealing with more severe and difficult behaviors including self injury, aggression, toileting problems, and a host of other issues.


AdolescentsParents bring their teenagers to us because of acting out behaviors such as defiance, drugs and alcohol, promiscuity, videogame addictions, pornography; or adjustment issues such as sexual identity, school problems, and peer pressure, or psychiatric issues such as bipolar issues, psychotic disorders, depression, and anxiety. We offer individual and family therapy to address these issues as well as assessment of psychiatric disorders. We work in a collaborative effort to bridge the communication gap between parents and their teens. Teens are trying to break away and establish their own identities while parents struggle to maintain control.  With a therapist’s guidance, teens and parents can learn to work together to meet both their needs.


Adults come to us to help them through a crisis such as divorce, death of a family member, loss of a job or to address issues from childhood, inner struggles or ongoing mental health issues. We have expertise in treating general psychiatric conditions as well as dealing with past traumas, pornography and other addictions, marital and family issues. We also provide psychological testing An African-American couplefor diagnosis of underlying conditions. Unique to Summit Community Counseling is our expertise in working with adults with developmental disabilities, offering needed supports to help guide these individuals and their caregivers.

Couples & Families

Families have unique relationships, and come to us to help develop better relationships, communication, and understanding between each other. It may be incident specific, such as a need for counseling during a divorce or the approaching death of a family member.  Alternatively, couples and family counseling can also address the needs of the family when one or more family member suffers from a mental or physical illness that alters his or her behavior in maladaptive ways.

Geriatric Services

A geriatric coupleOlder adults come to us because of the unique set of challenges both physically and emotionally that the aging process brings. This group often struggles with multiple losses, such as losing a spouse or friends, as well as losing their own physical and sometimes mental capacities. We help older adults find meaning and support through the aging process, which can help them improve the quality of their life.



Spanish-Speaking Services

A happy familyWe have Spanish speaking therapists who can help teenage and adult individuals feel comfortable speaking in their native language. Being able to be understood and communicate openly in one's native tongue is essential in therapy to bring about change.

LDS Services

We have several therapists who provide faith-based counseling and are knowledgeable in working with members of the LDS church, and are sensitive to the unique needs of church members. We accept ward/bishop pay to make your payment arrangements even easier.

LGBTQ Services

A lesbian couple & babyWe have therapists who are sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ community. We can help with a variety of issues from sexual orientation issues and how to talk to family members about an individual's sexual orientation to working on couples issues and general mental health issues. We understand the cultural issues specific to our state and how that impacts the gay community.




Additional Services

Youth Mentoring Program

A social skills worker and childrenOur youth mentoring program funded by a generous grant from the Department of Workforce Services. Our program aims to provide help and guidance to low income, at-risk youth through individual mentoring.

Youth 18 and under who are at-risk for any reason may participate in our program at no cost. No insurance required. Each youth will be given a mental health assessment and provided therapy if needed. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.

Mentoring will provide youth with a positive self-esteem, values, and a sense of the future that includes a career and a stable family life. For more information, please call us at 801.266.2485.

To learn more about the different available resources that grant monies such as ours are used to provide, please visit this link on Community Grants.

Respite Services

For individuals with Optum Medicaid, we provide respite services to allow parents time away from their children. Our well trained staff provide fun activities in the home or out in the community to give parents a needed break to take care of themselves or their other family members. We meet with the parents to learn about their children so that we can tailor our activities to their interests.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

For individuals with Optum Medicaid, we provide skills training and rehabilitative services to allow the client increased independence and ability to function in daily living. We set treatment goals designed to improve daily functioning and provide close monitoring of these services. When paired with individual mental health services, we can provide intensive services to enhance the recovery process.

EMOSHA - Emotional Shaping: An Exercise Class for Moods & Minds

We are currently accepting applications for exciting new groups for children ages 4-6 and children in 1-5 grade. EMOSHA for children incorporates play therapy and Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) to help improve a child’s body and mind.  It teaches children how to use physical activities to deal with stress, struggles, and emotions.  Not only will it help keep children healthy and habitually moving, this class is designed to maximize a child’s growing mind and improve the ability to handle life’s problems.  The goal of the class is to improve a child’s behavior, emotions, body, and mind. Each child will receive an individualized treatment plan after first attendance to the class.  Further assessment andiIndividual sessions are also available.

children participating in activities

EMOSHA can help with:
  • ADHD/hyperactivity education and pre-treatment
  • Behavior issues (disobedience, constantly saying “no”)
  • Social issues (inappropriate boundaries)
  • Shyness (only stays around parent)
  • Autism concerns
  • Temper tantrums/ emotional outbursts/ violent or destructive behavior
  • TV/ media /Video game (or phone gaming)/ obsession
  • Trauma (death or injury in family or friends, abuse, etc.)
  • Trouble adjusting to changes (starting a new school, moving, divorce, etc.)

The EMOSHA exercise class is an hour long of therapeutic play.

Most insurances are accepted. For those who will be self-paying, classes are $40 per class or $150 per month.

Our very own Nathan Pond is the instructor for this class. Nathan Pond is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor that specializes in therapeutic physical activities and trained in play therapy.  He has over a decade of experience working with youth with behavioral, emotional, and cognitive issues.

For more information about the group please contact Nathan Pond at or (801) 400-8510. You can also follow him on Facebook for class updates and news:

To register, please call our office at 801.266.2485.

COMING SOON:  EMOSHA for School-Age Children and EMOSHA for Adults (please email to be contacted on availability of upcoming classes).

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is both a cognitive and physical experiential approach intended to provide the client with opportunity to learn and grow throughout the process of developing a relationship with their project horse. Through the connection with their project horse, the individual will process observations and feedback that will assist them with gaining insight into areas of their life in need of positive change. Equine assisted therapy is effective in treating individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma, who are struggling with autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, addiction, low self-esteem, ADHD, and eating disorders. Our approach is relationship focused and individualized to the client's needs. Areas of focus include social skills, self-esteem, skills used for mindfulness, frustration tolerance, sensory recognition, accountability, compassion for the self and others, self-awareness, self-confidence, emotional regulation, problems solving, and personal responsibility.

Summit Community Counseling is proud to provide this wonderful service at Arrowhead Stables in Layton, UT. We offer both traditional sit-down sessions at the barn, as well as equine therapy. Our office is located at:

Summit Community Counseling
@ Arrowhead Stables

897 S. Angel Street
Layton, UT 84041

To learn more about this exciting new service and how it may help you, feel free to watch any of the videos below.


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